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A Proactive Approach to Your Health.

Have you heard about INLIV's Total Health Management Program?

Our world-class facility offers year-round primary medical and family doctor services to fit your lifestyle.

Your care is our priority. Experience generous, never rushed appointments. Multi-symptom appointments and collaborative care.

Don't wait until you get sick. It's about living better now.

Why Choose Total Health Management?

Our team of medical and wellness providers want to change the way you experience healthcare.


You'll receive an in-depth, customized medical exam, followed by ongoing care from your dedicated team. We carefully monitor and proactively manage any risk factors and health issues.


We have a broad range of health professionals on-site as well as an extensive referral network of specialists, and partnerships with private imaging companies so you're never left without a way forward.


From unlimited phone calls and emails with physicians, nurses, and medical coordinators, to 24/7 support with an on-call physician, our goal is to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it.


Easily navigate through the complex medical system with the help of our physicians and medical coordinators. Worrying about your health is stressful enough; we’ll help things run as smoothly as possible. 

How does it all work?

Our unique team-based approach means an extended set of doctors and nurses dedicated to your care. You'll have unlimited contact with your team through on-time, extended appointments, and on-call support outside of office hours.


Ready to make your health a priority?

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Our clients share a common goal: to live their best lives now.

But each life is unique.

We help families, executives and retirees with customized care and individual medical, fitness, rehabilitation and wellness plans.

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